POP 006: A Powerul Story of How NOT to be a Parent


In this episode, I speak with my friend “Rev” about his checkered childhood. With a bad combination of neglect, a medical misdiagnosis, and A.D.D. medicine, Rev had many opportunities to have died as a child. An underqualified step-dad, a mother’s narcissistic behavior, fear-driven parenting styles, and more. Is there anything “Rev” didn’t have to deal with? Continue reading →

POP005: Different Parenting Styles

POP 005: Different Parenting Styles Head-to-Head

2014 06 25 10.26.30 2 POP 005: Different Parenting Styles Head to Head

Guest Darryl Scales (Left), Co-host Terry Primm (Right), and Host Daniel Wagner (Middle)… I’m the dorky looking one

In this episode,  I speak with Darryl Scales (we first met Darryl in episode 004) and Terry Primm about our different parenting styles. I’m not going to lie… I really enjoyed having this conversation.

While his parenting style may differ from my own, Darryl is laid back and makes having a discussion on the topic very easy. We cover a variety of different topics including past childhood experiences, parenting strategies, parenting styles, and more.

POP005Image POP 005: Different Parenting Styles Head to HeadCome join us in the conversation and tell me how your parenting styles compare or differ. Are you more similar to Darryl in your beliefs or more like mine? Why?

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Newborn Circumcision

Newborn Circumcision! We’re Having our Daughter Circumcised!

Suppose you are asked about newborn circumcision when your little girl is born

Imagine this:

You’re getting ready to give birth. You’ve been in labor for more hours than should be legal. You and your spouse have been preparing for this moment for months. You have spent countless hours pouring over research about the best car seats, cribs, and bottles.

You hardly notice the other people in the room urging you on as you become super focused on pushing and breathing. Then, before you know it, you stop pushing as a beautiful baby has emerged. Continue reading →

Circumcision Risks

POP004: Parent Reacts to Circumcision Risks


Are you still on the fence about circumcision? Are you uncertain whether or not to have it done on your son? Does the baby feel pain? Does it have lifelong effects? Are the circumcision risks worth having the procedure done? Find out in this episode.

In this episode, we have a men’s round table discussion about the risks of circumcisions. For the first time on the POP Podcast, I am so excited to be interviewing an actual parent! Please welcome Darryl Scales!

Continue reading →